Joshua Macin presents...
The Spirit of a Man 
In Person Retreat Aug 10-15 2022
Joshua Tree, California USA
12 1 space left
Meet Your Shadow. Find Your Primal Essence. 
I welcome you to join my very exclusive and intimate (12 person) men's retreat in Joshua Tree, California at GAIA Villa Retreat Center. This is for men who are looking to activate their intuitive vision, to awaken their primal fire, & to cut through the 'polite' social layer that exists today. Most men create alpha or machismo characters and facades to feel tough and strong, because we have lost touch with our inner animal nature. Who are you when all is stripped away? This container will be a 'Great Equalizer' where it won't matter what you look like, how much money you have, or your accomplishments. Through a series of innovative practices, breath-work and conversations, we will cut away the fake and reveal the soul essence of all participants. We will cultivate fierce & loving presence and explore the spectrum of masculinity. 

Carson, Computer Engineer

"The other reason to do this is to be around a Josh Macin.  This man is magnetic, there is no other way to put it. He is on a train of truth and progress that you need to be a part of. And once you experience it you are not going to want to stop. He never stops improving and never stops striving for growth. He's an unstoppable force and these workshops need to be experienced 

Zach, Admin @ UC Berkeley

I attended Josh's Detox Retreat in January 2018. I'm not really a review person, mostly because my experiences in the retreat/self-improvement areas tend to be very neutral. I go to an event, get hyped up, and literally the next day end up right back where I was before. I can finally say that at this retreat I've had a transformational experience.I've waited 3 weeks to write this review to make sure it wasn't just a temporary high, it's not. I feel profoundly different, whereas before I felt stuck. I feel more comfortable sharing my more authentic self with others. Lastly, I know a tribe of warriors, who aren't afraid of going to dark places with me.
Cut Through Spiritual Materialism. 

Peter, Health Coach 

The Spirit of a man has been a totally transformational experience. Josh's ability to hold space for me and the whole group has been incredible. His range and ability to hold space is wide. Not only penetrating and piercing through the BS, but also totally the opposite - being able to hold loving and caring space when needed. And that is what I was in awe of the whole time, his magic ability to do this. I feel like Josh truly has my back and that is something that is really rare. Together, we have been through the mud, crossing the dark nights, through the rivers, up the mountain, & down the mountain together...

Thijs, Men's Coach

Josh absolutely changed my life. Not only me, but every single person in this group was completely transformed. If you feel that intuitive call to go to something like this, go for it! You won't regret it. Every minute that you spend here is a huge ROI. 
"They call Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the great equalizer. This is because as soon as you step on the mat it doesn’t matter how much money you have, how many limbs you have, how much you weigh, if you are a doctor, lawyer, or how many women you have slept with. The mats and the sport will humble you. I have spent years creating a spiritual/energetic jiu-jitsu where we get to spar with one another, learn about ourselves, & learn about humanity."

What Is This Retreat About?

Men today do not have a rite of passage.

We have been trained to be polite, to be nice, and to make sure everybody around us feels safe. 

The expense of this societal dogma for many men is that we have lost our spine, our bellies, and our primal essence. We are left feeling domesticated and disconnected from our wild. 

We create 'alpha' or 'machismo' characters and facades to feel tough and strong, because we have lost touch with our inner animal nature.

We lean on our accomplishments, our money, or our status.

Can you surf the edge of existence without leaning on your money to make you feel safe? Can you meet the world unprotected, unguarded, & available for the dark & light of the universe. Do you have the courage to be a nobody? Do you have the wisdom to be humble?

Who are you when all is stripped away? Not interested in finding out now? Good luck at death. 

Life is but a preparation for death. 

Take a seat in the desert with a circle of men. Leave your cell phone and bank account behind. 

One is left with the demons of his mind. The agony in the heart. And the vulnerability of being a human being. 

Same guts, same cuts, same crazy. 

This container will be a great equalizer. 

You may feel safe in your ego but it is resting on a house of cards. Can you find your edge and surf it? 

Can you find your center and sit in it through all turbulence?

Learn to be still, present, and clear through all adversity and confrontation. 

Learn to be loving and open hearted. Learn to be fierce. 

Learn to penetrate to the core of another human being. 

This is the Spirit of a Man. 

What's Included? 

This is an in person men's retreat priced at $2,500. 

- All food and lodging included.
- Shadow work 
- Detox teachings 
- Cleaning the energy & etheric body 
- Breath-work and meditations to increase stem cell production & unlock 3rd eye 
- Deep intimate sharings 
- Psychological and energetic sparring
- Learn about boundaries and speaking your truth
- Meet fellow warriors of light from around the world
- World class ceremonial chef Tyler Hess will cook every meal and teach food as medicine
- Alice Maisetti (world renowned yoga teacher and my wife) will be teaching Pranic breathwork and yoga. 
- Digital Detox
- And much more...

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Are You Ready? 
In Person Retreat | Joshua Tree CA | Aug 10-15 2022
$2,500 or
3 payments of $833
Payment Plans Available

    Other Important notes:

    - Payments are non-refundable 
    - Total spaces available = 12 1
    - Retreat will be Aug 10 ~3pm (no later than 5pm arrival) to Aug 15 ~12pm
    - Fly into LAX (Transportation LAX to Joshua Tree not included but we will organize group participation so it is cheaper)
    - We will have a cold plunge! 
    - Participant will need to be able to sit on meditation cushion for long periods of time
    - This retreat will not cure, heal, treat, or diagnose any medical conditions. 
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