Josh Macin & Mirabai Devi present...
A Powerful & Potent Detoxification Retreat
in Pahoa, Hawaii on Feb 1 - Feb 8 2020.
Transform your life in Hawaii for 7 nights & 8 days 
Health. Detox. Transformation. Ascension. 
We welcome you to join our very exclusive retreat experience for health, healing, and soul liberation. This retreat is for you if you are a serious spiritual seeker with a desire for physical cleansing. This will be a profound and deep journey of the mind, body, and spirit. We are fully committed to creating a once in a lifetime experience that will leave you feeling light, bright, inspired, motivated, alive, fresh, abundant, and cleansed. 

The magic of this retreat is that we are combining some of the best detoxification techniques on the planet with transformational energy work. We will reset our physical bodies with cleansing and remineralization which allows for deep connection. And then with that connection and openness, we will work deeply with the etheric and emotional bodies - clearing karma, samscaras, and blockages. 

This retreat will take place at Laniakea Springs in Pahoa Hawaii. This sacred land is known for it's firey & transformational capacity. On 30 acres and 1 mile from the ocean, the retreat sits on top of volcanic hot spring water which comes out at the source at 111 degrees and contains over 400 minerals. This unique mineral profile aids relaxation, detoxification, and a sense of deep inner well being. 

Mike Murphy,  Bestselling Author of The Creation Frequency

"Josh is the real deal. A true pioneer in the world of health and detoxification. I always believe that the best people to learn from are the ones who have been through the most intense fires. And boy has he been through it. Implementing the protocols has radically changed my life. more energy, more clarity, more focus & more joy. Thank you Josh!"

Tommy Duek, Computer Programming Teacher

"The only risk in writing a review for Josh and the detox dudes is of it not fully encapsulating how life-changing it can be. I wasn't very interested in detox at first. I thought I was pretty healthy already (exercising 4-6 times a week and with what I considered a healthy diet), and he was working a lot with people who very clearly needed help because of the extreme symptoms they presented. Boy was I wrong about that! I eventually decided to try his course and after about two months, there was a noticeable difference in my mood and energy level. I was hooked. After a few months, I felt like a new man. It's been a very gradual and organic process. I felt super supported the whole way. I recommend Josh 100% to any and everybody. It made a huge difference in my life even when I already felt like I was pretty close to my potential in terms of health and happiness."
Grow a new body. 
Here's what others have

Colin Pomeroy, Sales Manager

"I have been to all of Josh's retreats and they just keep getting better and better. They all completely blow my mind, and open me to the awe and wonder of the world. I can't recommend his retreats enough, they are some of the most transformative events I have ever been to. 

Kyle Miller, Health Coach & Musician

"“Feeling great! Seriously, man, thank you for all the help. I can tell it's really causing deep shifts in my health and energy levels. I'm starting to feel some real positive change in the mental stuff...It's been awesome to easily get up to hunt before the sunrise every day for the last week. A year ago, I was a wreck after the hunting trip and had to miss several morning hunts because I had to sleep. This year, I was able to handle the lack of sleep and the intensity of harvesting and butchering 3 deer with no issues at all. I am very grateful for all your help in getting my good health back. I'm feeling better than I did when I thought I was healthy 4 or 5 years ago …. His experience and knowledge has been incredibly valuable to me. I believe in it so much that I would literally recommend doing whatever it takes to afford the full program. Now that I know the results, I'd be willing to sell my car, sell my house, rent a shack… whatever it would take to get me to the health I experience every day now. I'm not even exaggerating!” 
"Detoxification of the body is the ultimate
shortcut to health, vitality, and well-being."
This retreat is not for the feint of heart! We will be doing deep work in many different arenas. While Mirabai is focusing on the soul and energy level, Josh will be making sure that we are cleansing the physical body and that everyone is fully "showing up" in their power. This is not a vacation - but more-so an immersive dive into clearing old patterns, healing wounds, and cleaning the vessel of consciousness for maximum connection. This retreat will push your boundaries in a healthy, loving, and supportive way. This is the deepest spiritual and soul-level work & truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

What's Included? 

This is an all-inclusive retreat starting at $2,250. All expenses mentioned below other than your plane ticket will be covered.

Our intention is for you to not have to take out your wallet at all once you are on the retreat property. 

 -7 nights retreat stay. Feb 1 - Feb 8, 2020. (shared bedroom or camping outdoors) 
- 3 vegan/vegetarian meals per day 
- Basic detox supplements and mineral elixirs/broths (daily) 
- Daily light transmissions and energetic healings with Mirabai 
- Unlimited volcanic mineral springs soaking (though we do have a busy schedule) 
- Shadow work with Josh 
- Trips/hikes to ocean, waterfalls, & sacred lands
- Detox teachings 
- Cleaning the energy & etheric body 
- Breathwork and meditations to increase stem cell production & unlock 3rd eye 
- Music, eye gazing, fire ceremonies, deep intimate sharings 
- Native American sweat Lodge
- Meet fellow warriors of light from around the world
- And much more...

More Transformations:

Who Are Your Retreat Hosts? 

Josh Macin was the 2010 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion and the 2012 Pan-American champion. Suddenly, in October of 2013, he began to experience debilitating panic attacks, suicidal despair, and gut-wrenching anxiety. After pharmaceutical drugs provided no relief, he found himself on a hero’s journey – traveling to the corners of the earth experimenting with some of the world’s most powerful hallucinogens. When neither ayahuasca, float tanks, fasting, meditation, colon cleaning, nor yoga could provide him with relief he began to lose faith. In a surreal sequence of events that transpired three years after beginning the journey, he found out about heavy metal poisoning and started a comprehensive detoxification protocol. Now, alive and well to tell the tale, Josh has created – a company devoted to helping people overcome toxicity.

Mirabai Devi is an international spiritual teacher, conduit for healing, author, and the founder of the Mirabai Devi Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to her mission of raising world consciousness through the awakening and healing of humanity.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, from a very young age Mirabai saw the suffering in humanity which spurred a deep opening in her heart and filled her with compassion. Her earliest training came directly from the Divine Light and the beings of Light [Masters] who appeared before her when she was a child. They came to teach and prepare her for her future healing mission. Later, she journeyed to India and throughout the West, studying with teachers from varied spiritual traditions. Her work is non-denominational, incorporating all the knowledge she has received and that which she has experienced directly.

Mirabai’s programs include spiritual teachings, guided meditation, healing, devotional singing and the transmission of the Divine Light, called Darshan. She encourages all who come to focus on the light of God within in order to directly experience their own divine nature. Mirabai has worked with hundreds of thousands of people around the world in group and 1 on 1 settings. 

Are you ready for your transformation?
What You Can Expect?
  • Clean your colon and organs
  • ​Lose extra body weight
  • ​Raise your vibration
  • ​Eliminate Constipation 
  • Sharper brain function & flow state
  •  Deep, restful sleep
  • ​Clean your etheric body
  • ​Clear old karma and patterning
  • ​Connect with your soul! 
  • ​Penetrate physical and spiritual                 blockages
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Are You Ready? 
Hawaii Retreat
Prices go up every month. This is the early bird special. Payment plans available. 

    Other Important notes:

    ​- 16 Total spaces available. Only 16 12 more spaces available. 
    ​- This is the Early Bird Special. Prices will only go up from here. 
    - Payment plans available.
    - Prices go up $150 every month, starting Nov 15. 
    Nov 15 price will be $2,400 (camping) and $2,900 (shared room)
    Dec 15 price will be $2,550 (camping) and $3,150 (shared room)
    ​- Once you arrive, you’ll be given a daily schedule.
    ​- Couples are welcome and discounts offered. 
    ​- There is Verizon & AT&T 4g service at the center, and no wifi. We will encourage disconnection from internet/cell though. 
    - For more questions, contact 
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