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2023 Transformational Detoxification Masterclass

10x more energy, lucidity & clarity. 10x better than my 2019 class. 

Detoxification Saved My Life...

2023 Masterclass Agenda 

Week 1: Essentials of Healing

  • 7 Circuit Breakers of the nervous system that destroy health & vitality 
  • Learn the #1 dangerous mistake everybody makes when working on their health. 
  • ​Tests of toxicity - How do you know if you are toxic? 
  • The right and wrong way to release toxins. 

Week 2: Diet, Food & Digestion

  • What is the absolute best diet in the world for 99% of people? 
  • Superhuman digestion & Maximum serotonin in the gut. (no farts, gas, or sleepiness after eating) 
  • Remove all inflammation in body and brain by simply avoiding the worst foods (that most people eat everyday) 
  • ​Eating specifically for flow state & focus 

Week 3: Advanced Colon Cleansing

  • Clean out decades-worth of old rotting fecal matter
  • ​Remove mucoid plaque seamlessly & effortlessly 
  • Learn a 5 Day fast that resets your entire body & gives you a massive natural high. (almost like adderall
  • Cleanse stagnant emotions and feelings 

Week 4: Advanced Gut Healing

  • Healing your gut raises your IQ? 
  • All disease starts in your gut. Reduce chronic inflammation in gut = heal your brain. 
  • ​The #1 missing piece in all health protocols. 
  • Heal your entire gut in 30-60 days. & never deal with gut issues again. 

Week 5: Binders / The Ultimate Detox Vacuum

  • The detox vacuum that grabs onto all unwanted toxic substances. 
  • 1 tsp = surface area of football field 
  • Remove Heavy Metals/chemicals from the gut & brain effortlessly 
  • No Detox reactions! (unlike 99% of other protocols) 

Week 6: Advanced Liver Cleansing

  • Clean the "oil filter" of your body for maximum energy, vitality & toxin removal. 
  • Heal your liver = brighter eyes & clearer brain 
  • How to cleanse the liver 10x faster than any other cleanses
  • Remove thousands of liver/gallstones with ease. 
  • Life feels 10x different when liver is detoxed. 

Week 7: Most Important Supplements In the World

  • Best supplements in the world for detoxification & rejuvenation. 
  • Turn on the right genes. Turn off the wrong ones. 
  • Heal your Mitochondria. Starve senescent (dead cells) 
  • ​Rare, exotic supplements and natures miracles
  • ​Boost IGF-1, Heal from almost anything naturally 
  • Remove radiation, biofilms & chemicals from the body. 

Week 8: Most Effective Suppositories 

  • ​Worlds most powerful anti-oxidants delivered straight to your liver, blood & brain
  • Heal 10x faster than any other detox protocol due to "Portal Vein Access"
  • Godlike unbreakable flow state w/ suppository nootropics
  • The most powerful delivery form available. 

Week 9: Eviscerating Parasites & Bad Bugs

  • Killing rope-worms, roundworms, liver flukes, tapeworms. 
  • How to kill parasite eggs + avoiding detox reactions 
  • Binding to the ammonia when parasites die. 
  • Kill food cravings & negative thoughts by eliminating all foreign invaders. 
  • ​Immersion + Maintenance Parasite protocol. 

Week 10: Chelating Heavy Metals

  • ​How to remove heavy metals quickly, safely, & effectively. 
  • ​Minimize detox reactions while chelating
  • Clean your brain & organs of toxic metals that destroy your nerves & cells.  
  • How to Heal your brain for maximum focus & flow state 

Week 11: Emotional Work 

  • How to handle even the most difficult people & have clean, clear boundaries. 
  • Awakening the belly energy (inner primal fire) 
  • Awakening the third eye for laser intuition 
  • ​Direct & authentic Communication styles to command respect
  • How to handle tension & conflict 

Week 12: Home Sanctuary

  • Restorative & rejuvenative hibernation & sleep. 
  • ​Waking up clear & ready for flow state within minutes. 
  • #1 enemy to restful sleep & deep REM
  • ​Repairing the body and healing brain during sleep
  • Creating a Healing Sanctuary

Week 13: Esoteric Spirituality

  • Entities & Noxious Energies 
  • ​Sage, Chakras, Palo Santo = BS? 
  • ​How to clear your energy field 
  • ​Protecting your Energy 
  • ​Secret hidden spiritual factors that cause illness. 

Week 14: Bonus Modules

  • Drugs? Do they help or hurt? 
  • Mineral Hot Springs in the comfort of your own home 
  • What are hallucinogens & plant medicines and should we be taking them? 
  • ​Herbs that get sprayed directly into your brain through nasal passageway
  • Godlike unbreakable flow state
  • ​Deep Spirituality 
F*ck Biohacking. Go Deep. 
This is the best course on health on the internet.... 
Featured on...

Iman Gadzhi, YouTuber (1.8 million followers) and 9 figure entrepreneur 

"I'm not one for testimonials. But Josh and his stuff works. Makes such a big difference with clarity and productivity. When I first started working with Josh I was looking for any edge to get to 8-figure years. Now, I am doing that. Detox also helped me get out of a Dark Night of the Soul in 2020."

Alex Becker, YouTuber (1.3 million followers) and 9 figure entrepreneur 

"Most things like energy, clarity, focus and even IQ come down to your gut. Most people have parasites, heavy metals, and leaky gut (I had all 3). Detox Dudes protocols work. Go look at my videos from years ago, I had a puffy face and couldn't concentrate. It's night and day what Josh's detox protocols do. 

Jeff Berwick, Founder TDV & Anarchapulco, 9 figure entrepreneur

"Josh is a pioneer when it comes to health, biohacking, & healing. I have learned so much from him and continue to learn from him. This course is an absolute must for everybody who cares about their health. There is no other course or curriculum in the world that covers the entire spectrum of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Health = Wealth"

Jan Seiler, 8 Figure Entrepreneur (Marketing Agency & Software Company)

"Working with Josh & the video course was the best investment I have ever made. In terms of ROI, nothing has ever provided me an ROI like this. I showed you the tests, my metrics are all perfect, testosterone through the roof, I feel better, skin is better, recovery better, sleep better. I am very happy with this work. And only 4 months ago I was in a very different space with my health - dealing with many issues"

Nick Diaz, UFC Fighter & Strikeforce MMA Champion

"Josh's detox protocols are world class and it helped with my sleep in a tremendous way."

Anthony, Google Managing Director & 7 Figure Entrepreneur

"Josh's protocols changed my life. I cannot believe how many parasites and how much mucoid plaque I had. I am a different person and my life is on a completely new path. Unbelievable!"

Leo Ahmad,  8 Figure Entrepreneur

"Josh has helped me more than any one person with my chronic fatigue and burnout. After 2 years of a super tough journey, I feel healed. These protocols and his work is legit."

Mike Murphy, Bestselling Author of The Creation Frequency and 7 figure entrepreneur

"Josh is the real deal. A true pioneer in the world of health and detoxification. I always believe that the best people to learn from are the ones who have been through the most intense fires. And boy has he been through it. His course is magnificent and implementing the protocols has radically changed my life. more energy, more clarity, more focus & more joy. Thank you Josh!"

Tommy Duek,  Computer Engineer

"I don't know how to fully encapsulate how life-changing this can be. I wasn't very interested in detox at first. I thought I was pretty healthy already. Wow, was I wrong about that! I eventually decided to try his course and after about two months, there was a noticeable difference in my mood and energy level. I was hooked. After a few months, I felt like a new man. I recommend Josh 100% to any and everybody. It made a huge difference in my life even when I already felt like I was pretty close to my potential in terms of health and happiness."
"Detoxification of the body is the ultimate
shortcut to health, vitality, and well-being."
About Your Teacher and His Detox Journey...
I am Joshua Macin, a world renowned detoxification coach & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion. I spent nearly 4 years in a deep darkness and couldn't find my way out until I learned about detoxification...
You see those photos above? Those were me on a good day during my 3.5 year illness. No, they are not photoshopped and not edited. I was living in a state of extreme depression, panic, despair, doom & gloom every single day for 3.5 years. 

It is an absolute miracle that I did not take my life... 

That photo on the left was after spending $300k on my health, drinking ayahuasca thirty times, fasting for months out of the year, and religiously practicing yoga and meditation...

Now, I am completely depression-free, feeling incredible in my body on a regular basis, more peaceful than most people I know, financially successful, and living my passion every day. I have a beautiful wife, career, and travel all around the world. All I do every day all day is coach high performers on healing & detoxification. 

The most important thing I learned in my nearly four year illness is that we are being absolutely inundated with chemicals and toxins on a daily basis. 

In the past 100 years alone, over 100,000 new chemicals have been introduced into the environment and our natural detox mechanisms have not had the chance to evolve.

Throughout the past years few years working intensely on my health, and working with thousands of people around the world, I have observed that proper detoxification of the body leads to radical improvements in physical and mental well being.  

Sometimes I feel like I am reverse aging from my detoxification methods, I keep getting healthier and happier the older I get. It is almost like I have Benjamin Button Syndrome. 
Are you ready for your transformation?
Detoxification Leads To:
  •  Strengthened immune system
  •  Increased productivity and energy
  •  Shedding excess body fat
  • Improved digestion
  • Sharper brain function & flow state
  •  Eliminate constipation
  •  Deep, restful sleep
  •  Lighter and brighter eyes
  •  Cure for addictive behaviors
  •  Clearer glowing skin
  •  Raising your vibration
  •  A deep sense of peace and calm
The Results Are Inarguable...
Who This Course is For:
  • You want to learn how to heal your body as quickly and efficiently as possible, without needing to leave your home. (aside from time spent in nature)
  • You are tired of trying tons of different diets and supplements, without any real improvement in your mental & physical well-being.
  • ​You are serious about your health, transformation & living to your highest purpose.
Who This Course is NOT For:
  • You are looking for a quick fix, magic pill, or band-aid.
  • You want to continue wasting time & money in the $100 billion industry that is alternative health & biohacking.
  • ​You want to continue damaging your adrenals with caffeine and stimulants to trick yourself into being productive.
What Are You Waiting For?

Now Only $4500 $3497

What Do You Get? 
2023 Masterclass
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Access to the entire 2023 masterclass curriculum (45+ videos) 
    • Unlimited Access to the 2023 Private Facebook Group
    • ​2 Facebook Live Ask Us Anything per Month 
    • ​Brand new modules, supplements & modalities never before seen. 
    • ​The most effective ways of cleaning the colon and bowels of old rotting fecal matter and plaque.
    • ​Lessons on healing the thyroid and how to handle panic and detox reactions.
    • ​You'll learn about all the most nutrient dense foods, diets, and exotic superfoods. 
    • ​The most powerful gut healers on the planet and exactly how to use them. 
    • ​Detoxification of heavy metals including mercury, aluminum, arsenic, lead and other toxins and chemicals.
    • ​Killing parasites (ropeworms, hookworms, tapeworms, liver flukes, roundworms), yeasts, viruses etc. 
    • ​Meditation and stretching techniques to clean your energy body.
    • ​Creating a home sanctuary and removing toxin exposures from your home.
    • ​What electrosmog and geopathic stress are and how to handle both.
    • ​Healing PTSD and releasing and detoxifying emotional trauma.
    • ​Enema/suppository protocols for cleansing the colon, removing constipation, healing digestion, eliminating pathogens, and binding to toxins. 
    • ​& much much more.... 

    Now Only $4500 $3497

    Still Have Questions?


    I feel pretty healthy, can detoxification still help me?
    Detox has helped me go from sick to superhuman, and my team and I believe it is helpful for all people who are trying to improve their well-being, mental sharpness, and energy levels. 
    I already have the masterclass from 2018/2019. How is this different? 
    This course has new supplements, new protocols, new outlines, and just generally 10x better and more effective than the last course. 
    Do I need to buy any special supplements for this to work? 
    Yes, part of this process requires an intense remineralization of the body and healing of the gut. Supplements and superfoods will be a significant part of the process. Most supplements can be purchased on Amazon. 
    How is the product delivered?
    We want to get you started on your health as soon as possible. So right after you sign up you will receive instant access via email, along with all of the videos & PDF's with a unique login and password just for you. 
    How can I access the course?
    We like to update the content when needed, so this allows you to login from any computer or mobile device all around the world and receive the information at any time. The entire course is hosted on its own password­ protected website.
    How soon can I expect to see results? 
    We anticipate that you will start feeling better within a couple weeks. But some people don't notice true lasting transformation until about 60-90 days in. 
    What if life happens and I can't complete the course right away? 
    Not a problem. As a member of our course you get lifetime online access to the course material and free updates forever. Once you're in, you're in for life. That's how we roll :) 
    Do I have to follow the entire course for this to work? 
    You could see massive benefit from just the first few sections of the course, but it is advisable to follow the entire course (or as much as you can do). 
    Do I have to follow a specific diet for this to work? 
    There is a diet that Josh recommends, but it is not essential for healing and detoxification. Feel free to "listen to your gut" when it comes to diet. 
    What If I Am Not Happy With My Purchase?
    Then email info@thedetoxdudes.com within 7 days to receive a refund. No questions asked. 
    I want you to have very little risk with this purchase. I am so confident it will be the best course on health, wellness & detoxification that you have ever purchased, I will personally refund you if you are unhappy within 7 days of purchasing it. No questions asked!
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